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Breaking down the bonds of traditional education through a completely unique holistic approach to learners – not only their academic but their emotional needs too.

A learning environment like no other

Where the love of learning begins and never ends...

We are situated in Westville North in a house. It is our little home away from home.

Not only are students allowed to bring their pets to the centre for the day, but the centre also has 2 resident bunnies, 5 guinea pigs for emotional support.

By keeping our centre small with only 36 kids, it ensures each child gets the academic and emotional support that they need



Our team consists of a unique bunch of individuals with different skills and abilities to cater for our students unique needs. We employ a high calibre of teaching staff who instil our vision of being supportive, collaborative and organised.

Our business is a space where not only our students but also our staff learn and grow together. Through our home-education facilitation, we see how we touch families' lives every day. We offer extra services such as one on one tutoring and homework help. We plan on having a learning centre with all the services a parent would need to help their child succeed academically and emotionally.

Our ideal customers are parents who are open to a different way of thinking about education. Parents who understand and accept their child's limitations and want to foster and grow their strengths. By having a different mindset, we get the opportunity to see how their children are genuinely happy to be at the centre and we as parents and teachers are able to see first-hand the difference it makes in their child’s life. 

We are unique as there is no one that does what we do. We work hard in training our staff to integrate different teaching methodologies, forever changing and evolving with our students' needs and focusing on the little things and going the extra mile. In doing so we create an Education centre that actually makes a difference in its students' lives by understanding the different needs of each child.

The faces behind it all

Leaping Minds is managed by two women,
Tessa and Danielle.
Danielle is a certified Remedial Educator specialising in Educational Psychology andTessa is a professional chef and with a teaching qualification.

Our Staff

All of our staff members have experience working with children who have learning difficulties and special needs. Our primary goal is to create a secure and supportive environment that enables kids to be themselves and achieve their maximum potential.


“You cannot open a book without learning something.”


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