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Home- Education Centre

Flexible and affordable
Home-education facilitation

We are situated in Westville North in a house. It is our little home away from home. Not only are students allowed to bring their pets to the centre for the day, but the centre also has 2 resident bunnies and 3 guinea pigs for emotional support. By keeping our centre small with only 30 kids, it ensures each child gets the academic and emotional support that they need.



Our students register with a curriculum provider of their choice. We do this to safeguard you and your child should they want to return to a mainstream school. With an accredited curriculum provider, returning to a mainstream school will not be an issue. 


Although we accept all curriculum providers, most of our students use Think Digital for the following reasons:

  • It works well for our students with learning difficulties like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc as the work is condensed. 

  • The content is colourful and bright making it more interesting for our learners.

  • It caters for a variety of learning styles including auditory, visual and kinesthetic giving our students a chance to develop their learning styles

  • The workload is less which helps our students who suffer from anxiety

We have experience working with the following curriculums and curriculum providers:

  • CAPS- IMPAQ, Elroi, Auxilio,Teneo

  • IEB- Brainline

  • Cambridge- Cambrilearn



We cater for Grades 1-12
all home-education curricula/ programs welcome

Children simply need their own laptop or tablet and log on access to their chosen home-school program. We provide the rest.

Leaping minds' flexibility will suit your budget and schedule as we offer:

  •  pick-up and drop-off service

  • Lunch- a set menu at a set price, we also cater for most dietary requirements/ preferences.

  • A Research Hub - stocked with stationery and printing/binding/lamination etc equipment to make short work of any project.

Step 1

De-register your child from their current school.

Step 2

Apply for homeschooling with the Department of Education.

Link to registration process below:

STep 3

Register with a home-school program/curriculum.


Direct links below:

Step 4

Complete our enrolment form and pay the 10% deposit.

Lesson times:

Grades 1 - 3:

Monday - Wednesday

8h30- 12h00

Grades 4-7:

Monday - Thursday

8h30 - 12h30

Grade 8- 11

Monday - Thursday

8h30- 13h00

Grade 12

8h30- 14h00


Once off enrolment fee            


Per month over 10 months     


Per month over 12 months     


Yearly fee         


R39 000
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